Hello, I’m Heather and thank you for visiting my website. I was introduced to the world of holiday cottages many years ago having stayed in many throughout the UK as a child and then into my adult life. Nine years ago, my husband and I were fortunate enough to get our own holiday cottage by the sea in West Dorset ….. and with that came something total alien to us …. an Aga!

Me and my dog, Buddy.

Me and my dog, Buddy.

Having never used one before, we were a little concerned that ‘Flo’ might possibly put holiday guests off and we even considered removing her …. but I’m so glad we didn’t. We quickly learned how she really was the ‘heart of the home’ by heating the cottage and making it always lovely and cosy, with piping hot water at any time, as well as great flexibility of cooking and the amazing drying abilities when guests returned from long coastal walks. We now wouldn’t dream of taking Flo out (despite the fact we would love to have her in our own home!)

Knowing just how much the AGA attracts and draws people to my holiday cottage, I started to look around to see what similar cottages were available but I found it quite frustrating trying to find these cottage gems, even with very specific search terms. With this in mind, I decided to create Aga Cottages, the portal website that uniquely brings together the only collection of owner and agency managed holiday properties in the UK and France with an Aga or Rayburn.

We understand that other factors are really important too when choosing a cottage, such as location, size of property or finding somewhere that is pet friendly or that has wifi access. With a variety of search options available I think that this website will help you to easily browse a great choice of cottages …. even if you are not particularly searching for an Aga! However, I think once you’ve visited an Aga Cottage, you will then always want to find another!