10 Reasons to Holiday at an AGA Cottage

1 You’ll Return Each Evening to a Warm and Cosy Home

Ever been to a holiday cottage and it’s not quite as warm as you’d like? Never at an AGA cottage! Whenever you come through the door, it will always be warm, cosy and inviting.

2 You’ll Experience Quality Family Time

There’s nothing quite like baking time with kids and holiday time is the perfect time for this. It’s both relaxing and fun for everyone .. and no-one is going to complain about the mess!

3 You’ll Experience Great Tasting Food

The cast-iron ovens of an AGA cooker cook by radiant heat which locks in moisture, flavour and goodness. All this means great, delicious meals.

4 You’ll Have Constant, Piping Hot Water

Sometimes it can take a week to work out how the emersion heater works at a holiday cottage – with an AGA you don’t need to worry – always piping hot water for ALL the family (not just the kids)!

5 It Doesn’t Matter if the Weather is Bad

With an AGA in the house, everything will be dry in no time. You can walk in the rain EVERY DAY or stay at home EVERY DAY!

6 You’ll Fall in Love with Cooking Again

It’s no coincidence that the greatest cooks just love AGA’s – Mary Berry, Lucy Young, Delia, Jamie Oliver, Michel Roux Jnr. The AGA allows you to be inventive and creative.

7 You’ll Have an ‘All In One’ Appliance

Most holiday cottage kitchens have numerous appliances taking up valuable space. Not so in an AGA kitchen. The AGA can be…. An oven, a grill, a hotplate, a toaster, an electric kettle, a boiler, a central heating system and even a tumble drier!

8 You’ll Experience a Truly British Way of Living

The AGA is the epitome of ‘good, British country living’ and is the envy of many foreign visitors.

9 Your Pet Will WANT to Sleep in the Kitchen!

Why do our pets always let us down by finding their way into the one room they are not allowed – especially in a holiday cottage! Well, relax, we guarantee that Fido will WANT to sleep right next to the AGA.

10 You’ll Have Great Toast!

AGA-cooked toast is the best! Don’t take our word for it – try it.

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