How to make the perfect AGA meringue

Alice McIlhagger, of Brambleberry Jams knows a thing or two about cooking on the AGA and here she shares her secrets on how to make the perfect meringue.

Alice grew up with an AGA in the kitchen but it wasn’t until she was in her 40’s that she felt she had the right sort of kitchen to accommodate one. She now has a lovely pillar box red AGA which is at the heart of her jam and sauce making business, All her jams and sauces are cooked in a large stainless steel jam pan, firstly on the low ring to slowly dissolve the sugar and then boiled on the boiling ring which stays at a steady temperature to ensure it never burns. Alice says “When I’m baking for a craft fair, I can bake 8 loaves of bread in the hot oven simultaneously, while making meringues in the bottom oven. I can honestly say I would not have my business Brambleberry Jams without the AGA.”

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