The 3 Oven AGA

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3 oven aga agacottages
The 3 oven AGA has a roasting, a simmering and a baking oven.

The top of the roasting oven is very hot! This makes it perfect for grilling, tasty crackling on pork roasts and browning dishes. The top of this oven is also perfect for Yorkshire puddings, and pies and pastries. The middle of this oven is perfect for roasting meat or chickens and jacket and roast potatoes. The base is perfect for items requiring a lower temperature such as bread and quiches or for shallow frying in a heavy based pan.

Like the roasting oven, the top of the simmering oven is the hottest part. With the possible exceptions of meringues or long, slow cooked fruit cakes, everything that can be cooked in the simmering oven must be started off elsewhere, either on the boiling plate or in the roasting oven.

The 3 oven AGA has the added benefit of a baking oven. The moderate temperature of the baking oven is ideal for cakes and biscuits as well as the roasting of items which don’t require the hotter temperature of the roasting oven.

The top of the baking oven is the hottest part and the temperature gradually drops by 10-20 degrees as you move down the runners.