The Aga Holiday that Shaped Our Lives

About eleven years ago we rented a large house in Aldeburgh, Suffolk for a week’s family holiday. The weather was wonderful and we had the thrill of a beautiful cream 5 oven Aga in a divine kitchen. There were ten of us – all Aga virgins and we managed to cook with relative ease for the duration of our holiday! It made our stay special and a real treat for us all being a foodie family. We came away thinking ‘one day ….’

A few years later we actually bought the house next door to the Aga holiday house and we seem to have come full circle and are now proud owners of our pistachio, 3 oven, gas Aga. There isn’t a day that goes by when I don’t think how lucky I am to have such a well used beauty. My family, border terriers, whippet and cats all have an enriched life as a result.

Whilst visiting, my daughter was having a cheeky look at a nearby mobile holiday home and was confronted with a rather pushy salesman. My grandson, then 8, politely said to the man “We are very sorry not to be able to buy one of these homes but there just isn’t room for an Aga!!”

Our holiday experience that first started in Aldeburgh has truly shaped our lives!

Martine Hallybone

Martine, your grandson has such taste. He will go far!

Aldeburgh Image by Helen Hotson