Perry and scrumpy i love my aga

I Love My AGA – Let’s Talk AGAs

Perry and Scrumpy (pictured) are two rescue dogs that are lucky enough to live with Ali and her family. Perry is now in his fifth home and is understandably quite a nervous dog. Scrumpy was sadly taken away from his mum far too early and missed a lot of essential puppy learning but both are now clearly enjoying AGA life! The boys were even born on the same day and so are unofficially “twins”! Why are we telling you this? Well, it has been just one of the many varied topics of discussion on the ‘I Love My AGA’ Facebook group.

This is a lovely group of people who all have one thing in common – they love AGAs! Some already have their own beloved range and others are looking forward to the day when they too will own one, making do in the meantime with enjoying the AGAs in our beautiful holiday cottages. Group members come from all over the globe and you’ll find them an extremely supportive and helpful bunch. If you have a question on AGAs, simply post in the group and you will always, and usually very quickly, get an answer… and often more than one! The group members regularly discuss and swap ideas on a huge range of topics based around AGAs and, occasionally, nothing to do with AGAs at all! Its an excellent place for swapping tips and tricks, recipes, happy stories, sad stories, AGA Sagas (ask anyone about ‘The Green Door’!), pet tales, events coming up…. and lots, lots more.

Want to get more involved with the AGA Community? Then why not join us in the I Love My AGA group? Simply click on the following link, click ‘join’ and away you go.

I Love My AGA, founded by Kristof Willems.

The group is ‘closed’ which means that you can post to your heart’s content without your ‘non-AGA’ friends seeing what you write. The information is shared only with other members of the ‘I Love My AGA’ group and you can invite your other ‘AGA’ friends to join the group too.

So, I know you are all dying to know one thing, do Perry and Scrumpy always go to the right colour-coded beds to match their collars? Or do they take it in turns to sleep in front of the baking oven and the warming oven? You’ll have to join the group and ask!

Article by Heather Pepper/Rebecca Russell