A new Aga at Chideock Cottage…. or is it?

It wasn’t until we stumbled upon ‘The AGA Exchange Shop’ in Dorset one wet, Friday afternoon in early February that we had even considered Flo needing ‘surgery’. Flo is our sturdy blue Aga and has lived at Chideock Holiday Cottage for over 40 years. She has served up lots of hearty meals and always provided a warm, cosy home for her visiting guests, many of whom have returned to spend time with her again and again.

We’d visited nearby AGA shops and always purred over the new, gleaming AGAs in the showrooms knowing that our Flo perhaps didn’t quite have the same beautiful figure to match but, nonetheless, we were proud of her, she always performed well and we wouldn’t ever want to replace her.

So, it was a revelation to find that we could just give her a bit of a makeover by fixing her top and tired, saggy lids for reconditioned new ones. The ‘procedure’ was completed yesterday and she has made a full and complete recovery following overnight observation to ensure her temperature restores to normal levels.

Here are her ‘before’, ‘during’ and ‘after’ pics.