sarah whitaker aga lady recipe

Pear and Ginger Brioche Pudding

This is a really yummy pudding that is very simple to make on the AGA. Lovely with a dollop of natural yoghurt or cream. This is a Sarah Whitaker recipe.

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1/2 oz (10g) butter
4 large ripe pears
1 tin condensed caramel (saves you boiling and possibly exploding those condensed milk cans!)
3/4 pint (450 ml) milk
2 balls of stem ginger from a jar and 1 tbsp of the syrup
3 eggs
1 brioche sliced loaf
4 oz (100g) sultanas
2 tbsp demerara sugar


Baking Oven, 180C, 375F, Gas 5


  1. Set the butter onto the back of the Aga to melt. Brush an Aga deep baking dish with the butter.
  2. Peel, core and quarter the pears and cut them into slices. Grate the stem ginger.
  3. Beat the eggs and milk together in a jug and stir in the ginger and syrup. Mix in the caramel.
  4. Lay slices of the brioche into the dish. Add a layer of pears and half of the sultanas, then another layer of brioche, another layer of pears and finish with a final layer of brioche.
  5. Pour the egg and milk mixture over the pudding and leave to soak for at least half an hour, or overnight.
  6. Scatter the demerara sugar over the top of the pudding and bake


  • In a 3,4 or 5 oven Aga: Hang the dish from the 3rd runners in the baking oven.
  • In a 2 oven Aga: Set the dish into the large roasting tin and hang the tin from the 4th lowest runners in the roading oven. Slide the cold shelf onto the 2nd runners above.
  • Bake the pudding for about half an hour until it is golden and crunchy on top.